Friday, May 16, 2008

For Panda Lovers

This is the cutest fabric ever.  When I saw this, I knew it could find its home in the arms of a Panda Lover.  

I found this wonderful fabric at my favorite supplier, Silk Road, where the owner Karen, never ceases to amaze me in the beautiful fabrics that she provides.  She dyes the fabric and machine washes it for this wonderfully silky and smooth texture, and did I mention that the fabric is now machine washable after she treats it?  Left untreated, you'd have to dry clean it!

Moreover, the totes, however, are dry-clean only because of the microsuede.  But no worries, I will be switching to Karen's synthetic suede that is completely machine washable and you'll be able to wash your totes in the machine in a cold gentle cycle.  In due time, my friends, in due time.  I am slowly striving to support local businesses in Austin, and doing so it a bit more expensive, and will take a little more time (and I have to use up my other fabrics).  Stay tuned, though!

In the mean time, enjoy this beautiful Panda tote.  This is the perfect gift for a Panda Lover (is it you?).

So cute!

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