Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Made by Recycling

I co-taught a Biomedical Engineering senior elective this past semester called Social Entrepreneurship and Engineering, where we explored entrepreneurial and engineering solutions to local, domestic, and international issues. We discussed a lot of social entrepreneurs (i.e. Amy Smith and Jacqueline Novogratz to name a few) and their efforts to help alleviate the conditions of various social issues.

Moreover, as an end-of-semester project the students formed groups and picked a topic they were most interested and then proposed possible methods for creating awareness, and then a proposal to help "solve" the problem.

One group did their project on recycling, namely recycling at UT Austin. They prepared this wonderful video that will be presented to freshmen during orientation. This is a great way to get the message across about promoting recycling on campus and to get students active in participating in something to make change. Get people motivated! You can see other projects here.

In lieu of this, I decided to start making purses and accessories that support recycling. I know many Etsy-ans have made many beautiful creations using recycled products, and I'd like to join in this movement!

Here is a tote that I created from repurposed cordoruy pants. You'll definitely see more bags like this. I just sketched a pretty neat yoga-bag that I'll make with recycled pants, too. You'll just LOVE it. Just you wait!

p.s. That's the Threadless shirt that I know some of you love so much. :) Just for giggles.

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