Friday, May 9, 2008

When in doubt...

I was feeling doubtful last night about my business. It may have been the residual side effects of taking a Quantitative Physiology final that took 40 minutes to complete and 10 hours to prepare. When I say "prepare," I actually mean "memorize." That's besides the point.

I was feeling insecure about whether I was providing the right product in this market. Comparing myself to other purse shops, I realize that I am providing a very different product: various fabrics assembled together in a simple design to create a cohesive look with wonderful texture (how many purse makers do you know that think about varying textures?). As I was thinking about moving to a more "typical" look with those typical fabrics (you know what I'm talking about) and adding those magnetic clasps (that always scratch up my laptop), I made 3 sales, and all became clear.

I must have faith in my work.

These are high-quality, beautiful products that take time to discover. But I learned this: We understand confidence by experiencing doubt.

Moreover, since finals are nearing an end, I've had some time to create new, delicious designs for the summer. Notice that handle placement. You can wear this across the chest OR over the shoulders! Yum!

I made a trip to my favorite fabric supplier, Silk Road, and found this great Asian print fabric. Owner Karen overdyes these fabrics and machine washes them for a wonderfully soft and silky feel with a slinky bounce. I'm a huge fan of her fabrics, I must say. Not to mention I love supporting the local shops here in Austin, TX!

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