Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ruched Bottom

I made this bag sometime in late April and loved it so much that I kept it and used it as my summer bag. Haven't switched purses since (and I have quite a collection, believe me). As I've been telling my friends and family that I'm taking the summer to design and sell purses, they always say, "Wow! Is that one of them?". Well, now's your opportunity to get this caravan bag. It's large and holds a lot. It keeps my laptop, puppy supplies, wallet, extra pair of flip flops, notebooks, my Yoga/Pilates music case, and 2 bottles of water (one for the puppy, one for me). Super durable for the working lady! Plus, my Vitamin Water bottle fits perfectly in one of the pockets for easy access!

It's finally here, friends, the ruched bottom caravan bag. Also comes in sand and brown upon request!

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