Saturday, September 13, 2008

i love leather

I had a custom request to make the hip pocket in leather. I've been wanting to use leather for a while, but this request was the one that pushed me to finally make something. I have to say, it's like an addition. I'm losing sleep sewing these up. I'm secretly hoping she doesn't want them so I can keep them for myself. :) :) Just kidding!

If you want one of these, ask me what leathers I have. The dark one listed is one of a kind, so no more of that. Distressed is available and I've got lots of other shades of brown. :) I also have white (more like sand) suede and light brown split, as posted here. Love this. I even made a treasury dedicated to leather.p.s. I'm accepting custom orders on these so you can choose your leather, brass or nickel snaps, and keychain or sans keychain.

Here's the treasury I made.

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