Friday, September 5, 2008

Oh my, I wrote a novel...

I almost thought about not entering this t-shirt competition after the first two years, but after my dad gave me an inspirational speech about how I shouldn't feel bad about winning because I'm increasing the quality of the designs submitted and also if my design is chosen, the department will have a great quality shirt.  So then I felt pretty inspired (as I do after all of his speeches), and I submitted another design and won!  Yay!  This will be my last time, though, because I'll be graduating.  

I've always had a love for art but have not always had the encouragement to pursue it as a career because coming from an traditional Asian background, it was always "be a doctor" or "be an engineer" --hence I chose the Biomedical Engineering path.  

...going on a tangent...

This is not bad advice, given the fact that I'm a first generation American in the family and my parents understand how hard it is to move to another country and to make a living.  Making a living is hard and going the doctor/engineer route is the low-risk, high reward path.  But I think many people find success and much pleasure in taking a "high risk" path such as an art career and the reward may even be more benefitting than being a doctor or engineer.  This is now the conflict that I am running into for this year because I'm graduating.  Am I going to continue to design and sew bags and clothes and design graphics and websites?  Sure, I can see myself finding plenty of happiness in pursuing this career.  But then, I will have a pretty Biomedical Engineering degree hanging in my sewing room.  So 
then should I start applying for engineering jobs or graduate school?  Not sure, really.  

Unfortunately, I can't have it all now, and engineering doesn't come in the flavor of "on the side".  It's always "be an engineer, and do all the art on the side".  But I've been trying to find my career in incorporating all of those, and so far I found the product design field as the one that closely matches all my interests.  But then again, I also really like Marketing, and would like to get a masters in business. ;)

It never stops, seriously.

I'll leave you with the design for the 2008 BME T-shirt!

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