Friday, October 17, 2008

Riskybeads Nurse Purse

I was browsing Riskybeads shop and saw this really cute jade pendant and thought, "Cute! I want it." Keep in mind that I sewed that little purse that comes with it. So I was pretty much going to buy my own product to get the necklace that comes with it. They look so great together! Lori has an amazing eye for design and mixing the perfect colors and textures together to make really beautiful and very affordable jewelry! I get more compliments on my necklaces that I wear from her store than I do for my own purses I make. Seriously.

Anyway, I've been meaning to blog about Lori's great Nurse Purses, which is our little collaborative effort to pair a very trendy pendant necklace with cute little drawstring bag that you can keep in your baby bag at all times and pull it out during nursing so baby can have something to stay focused and play with while feeding. Beats pulling out the earrings or the excruciating pinching, eh? Not a mommy? These babies make GREAT Christmas gifts; a necklace in matching wrapping, and Lori can even gift wraps the entire thing, too! Double the gift unwrapping.

Such a great idea.

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