Thursday, November 20, 2008

Design a Kickass Hip Pocket!

Hip Pocket Design Competition

I drew this in class. ;)

Details of Contest

Design a kick ass hip pocket for my shop. Stylize it, redo it, accessorize it, paint on it, wreck it.
  • If you're a painter, paint on it.
  • If you screen print, print on it.
  • If you sell purse/belt accessories, deck this baby with your hardware, fill it with buckles and straps, and I'll use your hardware on the new design.
  • If you design plushes, make this hip pocket into a cute little stuffed animal.
  • If you sell fabric, well, you know what to do.
Do what you want. Be creative. No limits!

1st place
  • Your winning HP for yourself
  • Your winning HP sold in the shop with your name on the tag
  • $50 gift certificate to jennyndesign
  • Fame and fortune
2nd place - $30 gift certificate to jennyndesign
3rd place - $15 gift certificate to jennyndesign

If the top 3 have completely amazing designs, I could make them all available in the shop (with the names of the winning designers on the tag, of course).

Design your hip pocket in Photoshop, Illustrator, CAD, Rhino, a notepad, a napkin, your hand, your foot, a collage, a billboard, or tattoo it on you. Don't care. As long as you submit the image(s) to me in .jpg, to whatever size your e-mail can hold.

1. Submit as many designs as you want (the more, the merrier!).
2. All the designs do not have to be submitted as once. Submit as you have flashes of genius.
3. The dimensions do not have to be the same as the ones offered in the shop. Change them.
4. Don't bother sewing a hip pocket to make it, use an image from my shop and edit it as you wish.
5. Images don't have to look perfect. Be as specific or as vague as you wish. I base the winner on creativity aand potential. I can look past messy photoshopping. Trust me.
6. If you place, your prize gift certificate is transferable. Give it to your mom, sister, dog...

E-mail designs to: jennytnguyen[at]gmail[dot]com
Or through Etsy: jennyndesign
Subject: Hip Pocket Design Submission
  • Your name
  • Your location
  • Any specifications on the design (dimensions, comments, descriptions).
  • Design as .jpg format
  • Any other pertinant information you'd like. Tell me about yourself!

December 31, 2008. 11:59pm EST (Etsy time!)

Winners will be chosen on by January 5th and I will contact you via e-mail to discuss how to implement your design for the shop.

Good luck, and may the force be with you.

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  1. guess who is going out to buy the pencils he forgot in Boston so he can get his entry in!