Monday, November 3, 2008

Tara Donovan is amazing

One of her newest pieces in the ICA in Boston.

Tara Donovan creates amazing sculptures from materials like pencils, straws, metal strips, toothpicks, etc. She tediously assembles them into large-scale cellular-like pieces unlike any artist I've seen. It's just simply breathtaking to see her pieces. I've been able to see one of her pieces at the MET in NY.

I think this is a really amazing piece, but on the other hand it also seems wasteful. But it's so awesome, I almost don't care. Is that bad?

Moreover, I wonder how the cleaning crew will deal with this one. Can you imagine all the dust and junk that will accumulate in those?

Image from Boston Pheonix article, Styrofoam sorcery, by Greg Cook.

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