Saturday, November 15, 2008

A typical conversation with myself.

Oh, boy. These are a must-have pair of kicks.

Arguments Against:
1. I need to save money.
2. I have too many shoes.

Arguments For:
1. I can still pay my bills post-purchase.
2. I can never have too many shoes.
3. They are hot.

For wins. Done and done.

Note to self: Never reason with yourself. Victory and defeat all in one sitting.

Dare you see more.

**Update: I used a coupon code that gave me 25% off! That is what justified to myself that it was a worthy purchase. ;) code: luckybreaks8. So if this makes you more impulsive to get yourself these hot kicks, I'm sorry!! Still love me.


  1. Ooooooo I think I'm in love with those.

    Jo :)

  2. These are hot! The Children's Place had a pair for little princesses. Really thought about getting them for mine.

  3. like i said when i woke you up with my texts, good buy. i recently bought these (in black)

    yay buckles and straps

  4. Those are hot. Buckles and straps all the way! Woohoo!