Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Reinforcements have arrived!

Yeah, I used to be quite the C&C Red Alert fan back in the day (before they came out with 2 and 3 when it became too graphics-heavy).

Leather bags have undergone a hardware upgrade! Hooray! Rivets have been added to reinforce the handles; they'll stay put, no worries!

Reinforcements have arrived!

A new prop has been added to the photo studio, the wooden rack.

Wooden Hanger

And for the cherry, the baby ruche now comes in milk chocolate brown genuine leather! It's buttery soft chap leather, so it feels quite weighty even when its empty. I think you'll like this one. I accidentally messed up the first one, so I'm keeping it. ;)

It's made-to-order and an adjustable strap can be added upon request. Like all leather bags, you choose the lining, strap option, and closure. You can also ask me about making one for you in the Mama Ruche (Ruched Bottom Bag, larger version).

Baby Ruche in Milk Chocolate Genuine Leather


  1. Your bags are beautiful! Love the new prop. = )

  2. Thanks! And I have to say, your dog collars are mighty cute! :)