Friday, January 9, 2009

Spring 2009 Sneak Preview

Whew, the holidays brought many nights of sewing great leather bags! Thanks to all of you for supporting my budding business. You're making an investment in my future career (I'm hoping!). With the economy in its state, I think it may be a bit difficult finding an engineering job, so...accessories it is! :)

Moreover, I've had some time to work on the upcoming Spring 2009 collection. This spring will bring many bags bearing the beautiful batik fabric of the wonderful and talented Margot Bianca. Talk about alliteration. Some of you may know her from her feature on Etsy before Thanksgiving. I fell in love with her wonderfully functional batiks, I had to incorporate them into the new spring line! I'm very excited about our collaboration!

I hope you are, too!

New Spring Pouch in Margot Bianca batik fabric!
Pouches clad in beautiful batik and close with pearl snaps.

New Spring Pouch in Margot Bianca batik fabric!
Lacquered bamboo rings make for easy carrying on barefoot walks on the beach!

They stand up all by themselves!
They stand up all on their own! Interfaced with an extra layer of natural cotton canvas for increased strength and durability! Holds its shape nicely.

Inside view with tag (not a new feature, but have never documented it)
Lined with soft brushed natural cotton canvas. If you have a recent bag, not sure if you've noticed the season and year indicated on the back of the tag. You can follow my improvements as the seasons pass!

Look for a spring preview sale at the end of January! :)

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