Sunday, February 15, 2009

I needed more clothes.

I rarely like to go shopping...unless it's for fabric and hardware, or vintage shoes, or any shoes. But that's it. I swear. Anyway, yesterday I asked my brother Chris if we could stop by the mall because I wanted to expand my wardrobe a little, and he quickly replied with no hesitation whatsoever, "No. You have a room full of old clothes and fabric. Make something."

He's so inspirational. And with that, I made something.

$3.99 Goodwill find.
No additional fabric added.
Have just enough fabric left over to make a small pouch.

Before Repurposing
Prior to the reconstruction.

Reconstructed Shirt
After! Added darts in the front, took in the sides, shortened the sleeves (and made them poofy), and added epaulets.

Check out them epaulets!
Check out them epaulets!

Now I'm ready to visit my friend Ashton for some two-steppin'! Sorry I had to massacre this Tommy shirt and post its remains for the public to see (I know you have everything Tommy). I would have donated it to you, but it wasn't your size. :)


  1. God, I wish I had the ability to transform an item of clothing like that! Inspiring!

  2. you know what you should do as a genius marketing idea? in the picture with the prior reconstruction, you have have a big frown on your face and tears running down your face. and in the after reconstruction, you should have a big smile licking an ice cream cone.

    i know, i should go into business.