Monday, March 16, 2009

A Loyal Customer

I am very much a creature of habit. When I find something I like, I will continue to stick with it...forever. Case-in-point, I order the chicken tender basket at every place I go (chicken tenders, Texas toast, gravy, fries): Sonic, Whataburger, EZs, Wings-n-More, DQ, Golden Chick, Dan's. You might call me a chicken tender connoisseur.

Another point, the first time I've visited Jason's Deli (back in 1999), I ordered the Quarter Muff Special, which includes a ham and hard salami sandwich with a wonderfully savory marinated olive salad topping (almost like a tapenade), all enclosed in a toasty and well-seasoned muffuletta loaf. A quarter of one of these babies will last me 2 meals. I haven't ordered ANYTHING else since. I am a loyal customer, what can I say?

This habit also translates to other aspects in my life (i.e. shopping). And especially bath products!

I am a lover of bath and body products --handmade soaps especially. Although I do go to Lush for my solid shampoos because I haven't found a seller on Etsy that sells solid shampoos that closely resembles these babies (I'm up for suggestions, by the way), I do try to buy all my bath products on Etsy because handmade is always better! I found Savor Soap as I was randomly browsing the bath products back in July 2008 and found Coconut Mochi and immediately had to purchase. I've been a loyal fan every since. I am probably the main consumer of Lisa's "Naughty Bits", which provides a sample of overpours, underpours, and dented soap bars. Soap is soap and it's the best way I've found to sample her entire store! And now that I have a large shoe box full of her soaps, and I have pretty much tried her entire shop, I've found one that has stuck, and I will continue to order this for years to come (and hope that she never discontinues the scent)!

Gateau de Citron - honey & olive oil soap with a sweet and sensual scent of lemon and sugar

It is the perfect blend of citrus and sweetness. I received this in one of my sample packs that I ordered. I am absolutely in love with all of her wonderful creations, but this is my favorite thus far!

By the way, these bars last weeks...maybe months, I haven't completely used a single bar yet! Amaaaazing!

This is a not a sponsored advertisement. I love to brag about the things I love, and I love Savor. Just ordered three bars a couple minutes ago: Gateau de Citron, My Boyfriends T-Shirt, and S'mores. I wonder if I should get the body mist...

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