Friday, June 12, 2009

Birthday Spoilage

Men like more functional things than women.

I consider myself to be a very practical person. Or at least I used to be. Most of the things I buy are for my business, or something really practical/functional/necessary. But in recent months, I've been spoiling myself on some jewelry, clothes, shoes, and lots of things that I can't use to make money back. Tsk tsk me, I know. Case in point.

For The Boy's birthday, I found his spare keys while he was out of town, and took his car to get tinted (Suntek Carbon Series, if you're interested). This allows his car to be cooler, blocks UV rays to reduce cancer, blocks UV rays from harming the car upholstery and interior, makes it look sleek...and it comes with a lifetime warranty as long as you have the paperwork and the car. Then I fill up his gas tank to full (because the orange light was on). I impress him and his friends. Score!

Retail Value: $250
Shelf-life: ~20 years

For my birthday he takes me shopping and we stop by Sephora and he picks out a new perfume for me (Jean Paul Gaultier Ma Dame) and we find three very cute tops at Cache. I absolutely love my gift, and my girlfriends are all impressed! Score for him!

Birthday Shopping Spree

Retail Value: $250
Shelf-life: ~1-2 years


But you know what, I kinda like it. :)

I've never been this girly of a girl ever. I grew up doing Tae Kwon Do, had to do pushups as punishment instead of being grounded like normal people, and pretty much played with my Barbies as fighting action figures because my older brother would never play "house" with me and my Barbies. So I guess I get to experience all the girly things at a later age.

And I'm OK with that. :)

p.s. You can see a more detailed view of my birthday present here.


  1. you forgot to post a picture of an Orca since you got that for your bday too.. tsk tsk!

  2. Hah! True, a 6-month UNLIMITED pass to Sea World is a super functional gift. Thanks, brother Chris! :D