Monday, July 6, 2009

The Shirred Shirt

I was running out of clothes to wear downtown, so I thought I would try my hand on making a shirred shirt. I followed Threadbanger's tutorial on How to Make a Shirred Summer Dress.

Shirred Shirt in Batik

Here's my abridged version of the tutorial:

1. Cut two (2) pieces of fabric with the dimensions BUST x LENGTH. Length being from your armpit to wherever you want your shirt/dress to end.

2. Pin pieces right sides facing together along the LENGTH side and sew.

3. Finish your seams.

4. Make a hem on the top and bottom of your piece, pin, and sew.

5. Load your bobbin with elastic thread/cording (stretching the elastic all the way so that you get a nice tight shirring effect). Load your sewing machine with regular thread. Continue until you reach the desired amount of shirring. I spaced mine about 0.5" apart and had to reload my bobbin every 3 rounds.

6. Place your piece around you/mannequin/model right side facing in and pin to fit. Sew and finish your seams.


Pair this with a distressed skirt, feathery earrings and you're set! :)

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