Thursday, July 23, 2009

What's His is Hers #1

I needed a shirt to wear on a boat. Something white...khakis...and/or light blue. Something light. Summery. Cotton. Girly.

Then I thought, "Oh! I can transform a button down to a shirred summer shirt!"

I browsed my brother's closet (because honestly, all his button downs match EXACTLY that description, except recently when Express Men had a ridiculous sale, but that's besides the point) and everything he had I've seen him wear in the past months, so I didn't bother asking.

Then I asked The Boy, and fortunately, he found something that he'd only worn thrice and won't be wearing too often in the future. Woo! I didn't think he knew the extent to what I was going to do with it, so I made sure he knew that I was going to take scissors to his precious Nautica shirt. And that the transformations would be irreversible. He agreed!

Thus, the start of my Mens-to-Womens-Clothing Transformation Series. :)

What's His is Hers: Before and After

I guess technically this is the second Mens-to-Womens-Clothing Transformation, but I bought the first shirt to transform. Here's the first one, if you're interested.


  1. OH Jenny jenny jenny you're so talented! I love how you transformed the shirt. If I had the same ability, I'd definitely do the same! It looks really cool~ I checked out your 'first' transformed shirt as well, and I must say, it looks a lot better after than it did before :) Great work ^^

  2. Sherry! If I had your skills for a day I would totally crochet a HUGE life size panda (maybe with XL needle and yarn?) and sleep on its belly. Maybe I can trade you 1000 hip pockets for a Panda bed?? ;)