Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Man-Friendly Alternative

Okay okay, I was a little negligent about providing more unisex items for the shop in the past months and very much focused on lady colors and designs. Oops.

So gentlemen, I've just listed some great traveler bags for you!
Ladies, these are also great for you, too. ;)

This one is the Traveler in Army Green.

Traveler in Army Green

Traveler in Army Green

I went thrifting yesterday with my brother and found this neat Steelmaster vintage filing drawer, a really vintage paddle racket, and a little handmade bench (you'll see this one as a prop in the shop soon).

You'll probably see some vintage finds in my product listings for the fall; I've been on this vintage crave for the past couple months. Maybe it's the coming of fall. All the beautiful colors remind me of a pretty sepia picture...

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