Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Burnt Orange Plaid Wool

**Edited 10/2: There's only ONE left. Those went fast!

Oh, I love this fabric. I purchased this last year when I first opened my shop, and found it as I was unpacking all my winter boxes. It was a feature on an Etsy Finds e-mail for a Weekend Deal and they sold out the first HOUR! I was happy, but sad because I had some inquiries about more of them after they sold out.

Well, I finally found a very very very small amount of this fabric, enough for exactly five Travelers. I redesigned the look of this one to incorporate some beautiful brown corduroy. I really LOVE the look of mixing different fabrics during the winter, especially corduroy and wools (as you can see from one of my sales from around this time last year) because it brings lots of interest and personality to the piece. Plus, it looks sort of vintage, right? Sherlock Holmes-y, I'd say.

So here they are. Only four more left. A perfect match with your tan winter trench coat.

Traveler in Burnt Orange Plaid Wool and Brown Corduroy

p.s. That's a mini handmade vintage bench I got at the thrift store. Could you imagine a Traveler the size of a full-size bench?! Insane.

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