Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Picks: Winter on my Mind

Every-so-often (like, every Thursday), The Boy and I head to our favorite cupcake place in Austin (the only one?), Hey Cupcake! The biggest, richest cupcakes you'll ever have. This time around we bought four! Why? Who knows. This isn't great for my weight loss plan...

Hey Cupcake!
24 Carrot and Red Velvet. The Boy stuck his finger in the icing on one of the 24 Carrot cakes!

As I was looking at our quarter-empty box, I was reminded me of a pretty winter wonderland and decided to make a treasury accordingly. Is it too early to think about winter?

(Click to see more details and visit the wonderful Etsy sellers who make these beautiful finds!)

Friday Picks: Winter on my Mind

Happy Friday!! :)


  1. Wonderful selection... adorable picks!!!

  2. Your Treasury is beautiful ans stylish just like your bags. BTW-If I lived any closer you would have one less cupcake in that box!