Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy September!

It's the beginning of a new month, and I have to say that Etsy treated me very well in August. I made many sales thanks to many Front Pages (thanks Etsy Admin and all you wonderful curators!) and many recommendations from happy customers. :)

I started this morning with three Front Page appearances (whoa!), all curated by Etsy. You can find screenshots here, here, and here.

Moreover, with the new month, comes some new designs. Last month, I released The Traveler.

This month I will be releasing a messenger. I know, I know. I keep saying it, but now I actually have to design one. I've had a request from one of my dear friends in medical school requesting a stylish bag for her laptop and a folder, and The Boy and The Bro just purchased laptops and need a carrying case... And they make it evident... everyday.

Okay, okay, I'm on it!

Also, I've made a slight change to the clutch. I took a short weekend trip to Pittsburgh to visit The Boy's family (for his mom's 50th birthday), and decided that I should start wearing nicer bags to represent my brand. I usually keep the messed up ones -- the ones with weird stitching, have puckers in weird places, or look discombobulated... I'm not perfect, I can't stitch these babies perfectly every time! Someone has to use the rejects.

Clutch in Plum

Thus, I made myself a Clutch in Plum leather. It's darling. I love it. I made it slightly taller on top and I really love the new shape. I think I should add an adjustable strap to this baby and give it even more versatility! Like wear it as a snug messenger, or just wear it long on one shoulder and let it fall past the hip. Hey, it can even be a zip-top fanny pack. Let me know what you think! I always love some great feedback!

And finally, my new business cards came in today! I ordered my last batch from MOO, but Steppie directed me to OvernightPrints because I am on a really really tight budget crunch, so these worked out really well! Thanks Steppie!

New business cards! Hooray!

I used the same design I did with my Moo cards by taking five of my favorite product pictures (at the time, now I wish I made the Clutch in Vintage Mint before I ordered the time) and used those as the front, and the back just has the web address for my shop. I don't usually give out business cards, so I use these as Thank You notes attached to the bag.

Makes you wanna buy a bag so you can get one of these, eh? ;)

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