Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Picks: Fall Harvest

Well, based on my latest batch of Travelers, there's an obvious indication that it's Fall! Lots of oranges and browns; I love it. Now all I need is a big mug of hot chocolate with one of these scrumptious dulce de leche vanilla marshmallows.

Yep, it is definitely Fall!
Travelers, before they get their metal snaps!

Since I've been seeing brown all day, I figured I might as well make a treasury to feature all those pretty browns you can find on Etsy.

Friday Picks: Fall Harvest
Click to see the treasury and take a closer look of these wonderul items from these wonderful sellers!

Now I'm off to give myself a haircut and get ready for Date Night with The Boy! :) :)

We'll be at ACL tomorrow, will you? I'll be sporting one of my Travelers, too. :)


  1. It's beautifully stylish Treasury Jenny, as expected!


  2. Such a beautiful combination of items!