Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Picks: Vendor Fair

I've been preparing for Shop787, and my work area is quite a mess.

Preparing for Shop787
Installing metal snaps to Travelers.

To better prepare I generated a checklist of items that needed accomplishing...

1. Activate my cell phone to process credit cards. Check.
2. Make signage for products and accepted credit cards. Check.
3. Order shopping bags. Check.
4. Create simple database on laptop to enter e-mails for subscriber updates. Check.
5. Order business cards and postcards. Check.

That I have to make a lot of bags (since my Etsy shop is mainly made-to-order). In Progress.

As I was thinking about all these things, I realized early this afternoon that it was Friday (wow, the week passes very quickly...) and I needed to assemble a Friday Picks list! So what better than how to prepare for a vendor fair!

Vendor Fair
a. Gray French Velvet Ribbon, Kiwii
b. Vintage Fork Easel, WHIMSYlove
c. Vintage Children's Metal Shopping Cart, cutfromthesamecloth
d. Cactus Jewelry Display, saraschalliol
e. Industrial Grey Metal Drawer, MODERA

a. Finish your gift wrap with velvet ribbon, and you'll win the hearts of your customers.
b. Display your signage on these neat Vintage Fork Easels.
c. Shopping at a vendor fair would be so much easier with this Vintage Shopping Cart.
d. Display your handmade jewelry and ornaments on this ultra mod Cactus display!
e. This Industrial Drawer is a great place to display items like ribbons and cards.

p.s. There are just FOUR Travelers in Boho and Brown (the ones pictured in the first image) left before they are gone forever! You can get one in the shop, or try your luck at Shop787 before they sell out!

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