Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I love Ribeye. Most of the time.

I love steak. Namely ribeye. It's a great cut of meat and when cooked at a light pink medium, I feel like I've been lifted off into cow heaven where I see endless supplies of beautiful leather hides and ribeye steaks.

Really, I love it that much.

I'm a steak and potatoes kind of girl, and when I try a restaurant for the first time and I can't find anything in particular worth trying, I opt for a ribeye steak, cooked medium rare --I ALWAYS take 2/3 of my steak back with me for the next day's lunch and when I re-heat it, it becomes a perfect medium. Really, a 12 oz. steak is just way too big for one meal for me. And at $22 a pop, with my income (selling bags on Etsy if you're new to reading about my life), I need to stretch a dollar as far as I can.

To the point.

Remember my friends Stu and Keris? I've mentioned them here and here. They quit their engineering jobs (after being NEWLY MARRIED!) and are going to New Zealand to learn to wine-farm (is that the word for it?) for some 4+ months. How cool is that? I'm hoping they come back with lots of ideas on opening their brewery and/or winery. I will surely be one of their early investors...maybe not with hefty funds, but I can sew merchandise, like Travelers....

Well my brother arranged a going away dinner at NXNW (a restaurant/brewery) in Austin. I've heard lots of great things about this place. I've lived in Austin for over 5 years now and I have yet to try it, until yesterday.

The food was plopped in front of me and I was already drooling with savory delight to cut into my ribeye flanked by delicious fresh veggies and blue cheese scalloped potatoes. I pick up my steak knife and get to it! The first thing I noticed was that it took quite a few cuts to get a piece off. Offense #1. I cut it to see that it is a nice light purple rare. Offense #2. I shake it off because I don't mind a rare steak here and there. I'm super hungry after all. I take my first bite and I immediately get a large piece of connective tissue stuck in my teeth. Like really stuck. I move the piece to the other side and more gets stuck on the other side of my mouth. Ugh. This is horrible. Gross. What the heck. I manage finish the first piece and cut off another piece hoping the chewing will dislodge the gunk stuck in my teeth. Boy I was wrong. And there I sat, four really thick gunkies lodged in my poor innocent teeth.

These feel like spacers. Then I realize that I've never had braces to really know, but little does everyone know that when my brother had braces, I stuck one of those tiny rubber bands in between my teeth to see what it felt like and it was so agonizing, and it took a lot of flossing to get that thing out. Never doing THAT again. And parents, keep an eye on your curious second child if your first child has braces. Fortunately, my teeth came out pretty straight, see pictures below.

a. The Boy and me. He had braces, I didn't. We both have straight teeth!
b. See? Straightness.
c. Check out that alignment!

There I was, four pieces of thick connective tissue stuck in my mouth and complaining to The Boy about it as he enjoyed his juicy and tender Orange Chicken (not the kind from Panda Express, it was really really good despite the name of the dish). He suggests going to the bathroom to dislodge them, and I managed to wrangle all four of those suckers out of my mouth and come back for one more piece. It didn't have any gunk. Thank god. But I ask for a to-go box anyway because I wasn't in the mood to experience that again.

I will note that this was a room with 30+ people drinking, conversing, laughing, and ordering 30+ different dishes, so the three servers were heavily worked and the kitchen staff was managing lots of orders and trying to get them out at the same time. I understand. I'm not going to let one bad experience deter me from a second visit. I'll give it another go on a date night where it's just The Boy and me. Trying a restaurant for the first time in that massive of a group is not always going to foster the best experiences.

Plus, the beer is great! I had the Pyjnigo Pale Ale and it hit the spot. So much so I had a second.

p.s. My dad was missing his favorite work gloves after he returned from visiting my brother and me, and he e-mailed me to tell me that he found his gloves when he read yesterday's blog about my new work bench! That's good, because I really like those gloves and wasn't planning on returning them anytime soon. I was sure that he was going to purchase another pair and then find that I had them all along. I did this with a cool pocket knife that he let me use for opening packages and peeling oranges and things. Then it got confiscated at the airport! Ugh! How can I forget to take out a pocket knife from my purse, seriously. After that, my dad just bought me pepper spray because it was cheaper than losing a good knife. Then I got THAT confiscated at the airport in Boston, returning from my internship at MIT, because apparently it's a fire arm in MA. Oops, and I had it that whole summer in Boston. Did the police guy really have to yell at me, though? And threaten that I may get arrested when I return to Texas? And then he made me cry.

Really? Arrested in Texas for possession of pepper spray? I got mine at an electronics store. But then again, it is Texas. :)

p.p.s. Check out my labels for this entry. It's funny, huh?

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  1. i think this is one of my favorite blog posts ever. (and definitely the best post labels ever.) but it makes me want to go brush and floss, right now! :D