Monday, October 26, 2009

It's Raining, It's Pouring

This past weekend my parents visited, and my dad and I built a sturdy work bench to withstand all my hammering. Using a wooden computer desk was starting to sound (and feel) like a bad idea. I've moved the desk next to my sewing machine so I can stack piles of fabric ready for sewing --which is really helping with my efficiency in sewing bags in parallel.

New Work Bench

We mimicked the style of this one from Popular Mechanics. Except we left out the beautiful detail of using threaded rods to assemble the chopping-block style top (I don't have the tools necessary to make that in my little apartment), and sans the vice. But it's okay. I needed something that we could purchase, cut, and assemble in about two hours because I don't want to spend our entire weekend on making a bench --though when I do have my own house (with a dedicated studio) I'll invite the parents over again and dedicate an entire weekend to wood working because my dad loves helping me on projects like these. I really love the industrial look of the exposed nuts and bolts and the craftsmanship of this particular bench.

We made this desk large enough to fit large bolts of fabric for easy and precise cutting. It is made of some 2x4's and 2x6's that I had from other furniture projects in the past and we finished it with an oak top. I was planning on taking the top outside to sand and seal today, but the rain has postponed those plans.

But since it IS rainy and there's a lovely overcast above, I did want to take the opportunity to take pictures of some new neutral fabrics I'm adding to the shop... because an overcast does make for very lovely photos.

Linen and Upholstery Suede
Linen in Brown
Upholstery Suede in Army Green

Upholstery Corduroy
Upholstery Corduroy in Mustard
Upholstery Corduroy in Army Green

I'm really looking forward to photographing my bags on this new table. It's so lovely! Oak has such lovely grains, and you'll be able to see more details when I sand and seal it. :)

Have a wonderful Monday!

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