Thursday, October 1, 2009

Natural, Stone, and Pantone

I feel like I'm constantly ordering supplies. Seriously. I am probably going to be the cause of severe back pain for the UPS guy. Just thinking back in the past month, the guy has delivered a very heavy sewing machine, a large 60" tall bolt of fabric, and now 2 bolts of fabric. This should last me a couple months, though. So no large supply orders coming in anytime soon...

Pictured are bolts of the current fabrics I use to line the bags in my shop: microbrushed cotton twill in Natural and cotton canvas in Stone. And I also got a Pantone Color Guide so that I can better describe the colors of my bags. A past customer actually suggested I include the Pantone Color number for each of my bags so that it can help customers with different color monitor settings than mine. Good idea! I shall surely try as best as I can to do this. Though this one only has about 500 colors, and unfortunately doesn't contain many of the colors of the leathers in my shop...but it's all good. A good investment nonetheless.

Natural, Stone, and Pantone

Now back to work! I'm working on a leather Clutch in Plum! It's darker than the one offered in the shop last month. It'll be in the shop today! :)

* Updated

As promised. The Clutch in Dark Plum leather is in the shop! :)

Clutch in Dark Plum

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