Monday, October 5, 2009

Red Wine and Custom Design

I had a custom order request for a bag to match the wine color in a wedding dress that was being made by an Etsy seller!

I eagerly searched through my stacks of upholstery leather and I found this really small piece among the pile of beautiful upholstery remnants and this matched perfectly! It is a super soft and squishy leather that feels amazing, not to mention it has a great leather smell (which I've been told my entire room smells of). I had just enough of this lovely color to make her custom order bag, and one more! So I've listed that last one available in this leather as a Made to Order --you can customize the lining and hardware!


Clutch in Red Wine

And while I'm on the topic of Custom Orders, I thought I would discuss this option a bit more for those who haven't quite found that perfect Fall/Winter bag yet.

What does a custom order entail?

1. You like a design in the shop, but want it in a different color or fabric type.
2. You like a design but want the dimensions tweaked a little.
3. You like a fabric type in the shop and want a custom-designed bag.
4. You're a personal shopper for a celebrity client and need a bag from a fresh new designer.
5. You're Apple, Inc. and need a hip'n'trendy Traveler for your iProducts (I do wholesale).

I have lots of ideas on new bags to make for my shop, but haven't found the time (because I'm always sewing Made to Order items) to create them. I take opportunities from those who want to try something that is not offered in the shop to make an item so that I can photograph it and then off it goes into the loving arms of its owner, and then I can use those photographs to offer more options in the shop! Quite efficient, yes?

Custom Orders start with a Down Payment.

For leather items, a $10 down payment is required to add your order to the queue; $5 for non-leather items. This ensures that I have some sort of commitment when starting on your unique item! If after I design the bag and you change your mind...well, I haven't decided on this because ever since I have stated this requirement, I haven't had a single customer change their mind [knock on wood].

And of course, I require this because of past experiences. In the past, I have made HIGHLY customized items and for some reason, the customer never purchased it or changed their mind.

Remember: Every piece that ships out of my shop has been designed to excruciating detail of dimensions that are crafted to ensure minimal waste and scraps, cut with titanium-coated shears, shaped-pinned-clipped to meticulous detail, carefully stitched with a professional sewing machine, photographed in multiple angles in natural lighting, modeled, marketed, lovingly wrapped, packaged and shipped by me with a handwritten personal thank you note tied onto each bag with a pretty little ribbon.

This is a one-woman business, and this 23-year old does all the work --from engineering and design to marketing and selling. My time is very limited and I work 80+ hours a week (and still manage to feed lunch and dinner to three boys --The Boy, The Bro, and The Bear --which is my dog, Hubert, whom I often call "Hu-bear" to sound French, and it just became "Bear") to ensure that each customer loves their bag.

When you receive a bag from me, you know that you're getting a one-of-a-kind item that has been made with lots of love, care, and attention.

So, how fast will I receive my bag?

The turnaround time has remained at 7-10 business days from cleared payment for some time now. I ideally try to give myself the weekends off, but I end up working them anyway, so you receive your bag faster than the estimated time line, but I like to keep it at this time line to account for any emergencies (like me getting sick, family things come up, I run out of supplies, my sewing machine breaks...).

For custom orders, after the down payment is received, the bag enters the queue, and upon completion, you receive a link to your listing which contains images of your bag. Then it's ready for your purchase. Done!

Interested in having your own personalized custom bag? Convo me!

I recently finished a Made to Order Baby Ruche Bag in Black Leather and rephotographed it with the face of the bag towards the sunlight. Now you can see all the details! Yay!

Baby Ruche Bag in Black Leather

Psssttt. The holidays are just around the corner, so keep an eye out for another entry with details for deadlines to order your Custom/Made to Order bags so you can receive them for Christmas!

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