Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wide Mouth Mason Jars

My brother, our friend Harry, and I went to Moonshine for Sunday brunch some weeks ago and the first thing that came to the table were our glasses of ice water, served in a wide mouth mason jar. I couldn't think of anything else except to find these exact (or very similar) glasses for the apartment. I ate three plates of brunch and came home and ordered these glasses straight away from my favorite vintage jar seller on Etsy, MidwestFinds.

Moonshine Brunch
My first plate of brunch with an awesome mason jar of ice water. Took this picture with my iPhone.

Jars from MidwestFinds
The jars I ordered.

I also got a soap dispenser jar, too. :)

They came in and I was overjoyed with excitement and I immediately told my brother and my boyfriend and all I got was "Wow, you bought jars on Etsy...ok..". They never understand.

Reminds me of a funny story...

I was in the movie theater watching Quantum of Solace and in the last scene, I couldn't focus on ANYTHING except where Olga Kurylenko got her shoes! I have no idea how the movie ended because I really just loved the way her chucks looked with those buckles. I've never seen chucks with buckles. Oh, and were those leather chucks? I HAD TO FIND THEM! During the last scene I focused on nothing but this actresses feet and my brain was sifting through all the stores I thought would sell them and unfortunately this was before I had an iPhone otherwise I would have been googling right then and there in the theater.

I came home and spent about an hour searching for these and finally found them, but they were over $150. And I was in college. And spending that much money on a pair of shoes is never a good idea. Oh god. What do I do? Oh well, "ADD TO CART".


Then, I wrote about it on my blog.


It has almost been a year since I purchased those shoes and I have to say that they are my FAVORITE shoes. I wear them all the time. I love them. Well worth the money.


  1. wow! I'm so glad you like your jars!! Great story. Love the part about the men reacting to your enthusiasm. But give it time. Most jar collectors are men. :)

    I must say, you win the prize for getting a good picture of a mason star jar. I can never get those babies to photograph well!

  2. Oh, I just love the soap jar one. Very cool and gives it sort of a modern rustic look.