Monday, November 16, 2009

Guys Like Girls With Little-to-No Makeup

I always considered myself light on the makeup --brown eye shadow, mascara, and some blush.

No concealers or foundations yet.

Well, when I go out, I tend to darken the eyes a bit with the smokey look of a little bit of dark brown and black mixed together and it makes me feel all pretty and girly --because really, I spend my days inside sewing and in front of the computer, and I dress like a bum 5/7ths of the week, so this is my 1-2 days to prettiness.

Yesterday, I decided to celebrate my 300th Etsy Sale by taking The Boy out to a late lunch. I never get to pay for our meals together, so I forced him to go to a restaurant he didn't feel like going to and then offered to pay! Hah! I'm good. ;)

We went to First Chinese BBQ because I'm a huge sucker for their Vegetable Lo Mein and Roast Peking Duck. That and Popeyes chicken are my weaknesses. So healthy, right?

I didn't put on any makeup out of sheer laziness, though there was some still left on my face from the night before when I fell asleep with make up on. Bad. I know. And I didn't shower either because I showered the night before. Double bad.

Then when I arrive at The Boy's apartment to go, he says, "Whoa, your makeup looks really good today!"and I said,"Thanks! But I'm not wearing any...".

Then after we eat, we go to a nearby boba tea place and order my favorite Almond Milk Tea with Pearls and the lady at the cashier says,"This might come off as weird, but I really love your complexion!".

I wasn't going to tell her that I didn't wash my face and I fell asleep with make up on, and I wasn't even showered before going out for a celebratory lunch, but thanks anyway!

I smile, thank her, and grab my boba and we leave. Then I started to wonder why all of a sudden I'm getting two compliments on my face in one day...

I started to think about my genes.

My parents have really nice skin. I think I got my skin from my Dad. He was acne-free throughout his youth and even at his age, he looks like he's got baby-smooth skin! My mom looks really young for her age, too. God, I hope my parents don't kill me when they read that I'm talking about their age. I won't reveal their age, but they definitely look at least 20 years younger than they actually are. And that is definitely due to their eating habits --they eat a little to no-fat diet, and they also workout every day at the gym. Like not going to the gym and lollygagging on the elliptical while watching a movie in the Cardio Theater like I do. They do 45 minutes of heavy-sweating cardio followed by lots of weight-lifting. They're machines I tell you. Machines. My brother and I come to visit and my parents get dressed to gym-it after dinner and as the bro and I lazily decline the offer and instead mosey over to the couch to watch TV, my parents head to the gym without us and do their routine. I admire them a lot for their determination. :)

Here's a picture of the four of us from New Years 2007 at our house. I don't think we've taken another family picture since then. I will make sure we do this year!

Family Portrait 2007
Bro, Mom, Me, Dad

But really, I would like to attribute my complextion to my face wash, because my mom noticed a significant improvement in my complexion after I started using this new face wash. And after I started using it, I received compliments from The Boy's Mom, and some other random people. It was so weird, and it was just until yesterday that I thought long and hard about why I'm getting such interesting attention...

And if you would like to know the secret, I use Mary Kay Timewise 3-in-1 cleanser...every other day or so. Definitely on workout days. Not so much on everyday days.

But as for The Boy's compliment. I've heard this first-hand from many; guys like girls to wear little to no make up.

I've heard it before. Men don't like their women to appear fake. And apparently they can tell when it's caked-on. Ah-hah moment: They aren't as oblivious as we may think.

Oh, I asked The Boy about his opinion on my "Smokey Eyes" that I love so much when we go out and he said he hates them. HATES them. He said Hate. He says too much makeup looks clowny. Good to know. Thanks for telling me 9 months ago when we started dating. YeahOkayThanksBye.


  1. it's completely true; my boyfriend tells me all the time as well.

    i heard this on a random talk show before, but (aside for doing for yourself) girls tend to 'dress up' for other girls... not for boys.

    because if we were 'dressing up' for the boys, i think our styles would be very different.

    i asked my boyfriend one day 'what's your favorite outfit on me' - he said basketball shorts and a comfy tshirt lol. if anything, it's a good thing - comfortable in our own skin with the one person we should be.

  2. You look so pretty!

    My boyfriend also says the same thing. In fact, he will purposely wait until the last minute to tell me we are going somewhere so I don't have TIME to put on makeup and fix my hair! Ha!

  3. I, being a guy, will totally agree with this. The best look on a girl is something comfy with very little make-up. Personally I like the jeans, ripped ones in particular, not sure why, and a t-shirt, again, not much to no make-up. And we can tell when it's caked on.
    I'm sure to lose my guy card for all this but wanted to reinforce this.
    Not to say we don't appreciate some good "smokey eyes" and a nice dress on occasion, but seriously, we're not that complicated.

  4. @Steppie: I agree! We totally do dress up to impress other girls --those are going to be the only ones who compliment our shoes, afterall! :)

    @Dawn: Sneaky sneaky! I would be so mad at my boyfriend if he didn't allow me ample time to prepare. Though I experienced that last night when my boyfriend decides that we should hit the gym 1.5 hours before having a birthday dinner with our friends, and so that gave me 15 minutes to get ready! Sitting at a nice restaurant with wet hair was not all that fun...

    @Jeff: "we're not that complicated". We have to keep reminding ourselves! lol

  5. cute family! you don't need make up. i on the other hand, do.