Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

Halloween was a success! Here's what I made for The Boy and me. :)

Halloween 2009
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Now for the summary of work.

Note: I didn't use any templates to make these. I can't follow written directions to save my life. The last time I tried to make something from a template, it was a huge disaster, and I couldn't understand all the technical terms. It's just WAY easier for me to sketch out the final result and reverse engineer all the dimensions and design specifications.

I made my costume from suede-looking polyester fabric that already had the cut out and fringe at the bottom, I added the fringe at the top of the dress, and finished it with a zippered back. My accessories are made from leather scraps from my shop. I cut lots of "feathers" from some of my leathers and punched holes into the top and finished it them with brushed nickel eyelets. Tied them together with jute twine and attached them to the braided leather. You can't see the details of my headdress very well, but I did a similar "feather" design for the headdress as the arm band (sans the metal concho).

That night, I was also sporting one of my bags from my other shop, Eightfold, to carry my cell, cash, and ID for our trip downtown for costume viewing. :)

The Boy's costume consists of "leather" chaps made from car vinyl. I just took a pair of his pants to get the length and width that I needed to cover about half of his leg. The fringe on the side of the chaps is made from vintage metal conchos and leather scraps from my shop. I made his gun holsters from leather scraps and lots of rivets. The chaps and gun holsters are attached to his belt, which is adorned with a Texas-sized buckle (which I will now be wearing ALL THE TIME). :)

His top is a thrift store find, the hat is mine (with a leather band that I cut and stapled onto it to make it more manly looking), and his white tank is one of his undershirts that I stole from his closet, cut holes into, and stained with old coffee grinds for a dirty cowboy look. *wink!*

His accessories are also from Eightfold, in brown leather. His bracelet was the first I made and he loved it so much, he suggested I started selling them.

We received lots of compliments, so all-in-all, it was a great success! :)

I wonder what we'll be next year...

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  1. wow jenny! awesome job on the costume. i love that you used things from your shop (even down to the bits of scrap!) .. you two look adorable!