Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holiday Picks: Black and White

In the engineering world, we like to think in binary (1 or 0). True or false. Black or white. End of story.

Holiday Picks: Black and White
a. Mustache Envy Kit, SomethingsHidingHere
b. Black Linen and Amber Salt Bar, CarvelCountrySoap
c. Vintage 1980 Leather Biker Boots, DearGoldenVintage
d. Black Giraffe Lampwork Bead Bracelet, PattyLakinsmith
e. Cow No. 1 7x8 Fine Art Print, SharonMontrose
f. I Am A Ninja 8x10 Print, Steppie


  1. great post, i wish i could figure out how to layer up little photos like that!

    thank you for featuring my black boots! :)

  2. @Lauren, I used to do this layering method all the time for my engineering presentations on power point in college (which was not allowed, lol, but I did it anyway because I hated the way all the other presentations looked with the premade templates).

    To do this, you just use the "drop shadow" effect on Photoshop to get the layered effect. I also like to tilt the pictures to make 'em look stacked. :)

  3. I am all too familiar with Black and White - I married an Engineer. ;-)

    Thanks so much for including my black and white giraffe bracelet! It looks lovely with your other items, and you did a fantastic job on the design.

  4. Love Black and White, hard to pick a favortie!