Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holiday Picks: For Him

Unique guy gifts are hard to find. But I've found some really AWESOME gifts for the modern man!

Something unique for his desk, the bar, his back, neck, fingers, and feet! Pretty much got it covered, huh?

Oh, if he needs something for the shoulders, I've got something in the shop for that.

Holiday Picks: For Him

a. Three Little Ninjas, Mooshoopork
b. Crows Together Tee, Elefint
c. ABCD Felt Coasters, InBoundThread
d. Black Licorice Hand-knit Scarf, Schemata
e. Unfulfilled - Ring, CyndieSmithDesigns
f. Handwoven Recycled Rag Rug, FiveForty


  1. Great items! I need to check these out since my boyfriend is always so hard to shop for!!!

  2. Oh great selections! I'm really enjoying your holiday picks!!

  3. You must have a COOL guy to shop for :)

  4. Love the selections and am thrilled to be included! I'm in the shopping mood and really need ideas for my honey. This helps a lot!