Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holiday Picks: For the Pug Lover, Part II

SQUEEEE! So cute.
Hubert looks out the window.

Holiday Picks: For the Pug Lover, Part II
a. Pug Art Doll, pugnotes
b. Pug Print 8x10, JohnWGolden
c. Leopard Print Pug Sweater, PreppyPugs
d. I Wanna Meet That Pug shirt, SquidInkKollective
e. Black and White Stripes Doggy Sweater, NatalieWyatt
f. Pug Records Album Graphic on Canvas, geministudio


  1. cant help but love the pugs! nice selections!!

  2. Looks great we love the pug!! Beast of the Gods

    Squid Ink Kollective

  3. Thank yo so much for featuring my pug art doll.

    what an honor!

    Hug Hubert for us!

    Melissa and Emmitt

  4. Jenny thanks for posting Leopard Print Pug as part of your holiday picks - Maxx and I will stay up to date with your blog. I love the layout and your creations are beautiful!!

  5. That little black and white sweatshirt is adorable!!

  6. They are all adorable! I don't think I ever told you Jenny but I've had two of these 'unique' creatures, one lived to 13 the other 14 and I didn't have them at the same time so lots of loving to look forward to!

    Does you're eat everything it can find on the floor, edible or not? Mine once ate a whole Whitmans Sampler, including the foil and never had a problem! The Vet said she had a Cast Iron Stomach!

  7. Kate,

    Wow! That's a lot of chocolate for a little dog!

    Yes, Hubert eats everything off the ground whether they're chopped veggies that escape during cooking, or thread and leather bits. Though I catch him before he has a chance to swallow.

    I have a feeling its a hit or miss thing. Hubert has a cast iron stomach, but I've heard some pugs are SUPER sensitive to food and things.

    Guess we're both lucky, huh? :)

  8. I'm so happy you picked Sookie in her black and white striped sweater for "E." What a fun blog! ~NW