Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday Picks: Gingerbread

I'm really excited about the holidays, now! The Bro, The Boy and I decided that we all will open our presents TONIGHT before we head to my parents home for Christmas tomorrow --because carrying all those presents home is a bit impractical in a small car.

We don't usually have a traditional Christmas at home --no tree or lights or anything. My parents are pretty thrifty when it comes to just about everything. All expenses should result in a practical appreciated output --like a home appreciates in value, a gym membership leads to good health, healthy foods lead to a healthy lifestyle...etc. Christmas lights, tree, decorations (although lead to good spirits!) do more in increasing the electricity bill. I apparently didn't inherit any of these genes, as I find myself ordering things online every couple days or so. Mainly stuff for the business like packaging supplies, hardware, some fabrics, thread.... But occasionally I'll find a pair of vintage boots here and there. Or new boots. :)

This brings me to the topic for today. I've been thinking about making a gingerbread house for years now, and I haven't since elementary school if I recall correctly. Thus, I've decided that tomorrow, I will make a gingerbread house, and blog about it. Although this idea won't be greeted with glee and cheer from the boys/parents, I shall force my family to join me anyway. Because it's all about the Christmas spirit, and if we don't have lights and a tree, we can at least have an edible house decoration. :)

And there're plenty more options to gingerbread, too!

Holiday Picks: Gingerbread

a. Little Vegan Gingerbread House Kit, thecupcakemint
b. Gingerbread Chocolate Chip Biscotti, MommaMelRene
c. Old Fashioned Rich Gingerbread, SkippingSkones
d. Gingerbread Man Cream Sandwiches, thecupcakemint
e. Gingerbread Butterfly, GingerbreadStreet
f. Ginger Snapped CakeCup, CupCakesInJars

p.s. I loved the products from thecupcakemint so much, they've got a double-feature in today's post. :)

Happy Holidays!


  1. I want a slice of every item in your selection. I don't even mind the 5lbs I would put on as a result. Love your choices.

  2. SO much fun Jenny! I have been "threatening" to build a gingerbread house for about 4 years and can't seem to work it in, I'm so jealous and can't wait to see the pics :)

  3. thank you for featuring our gingerbread from our store. everything you featured looks soooo yummy