Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Picks: Hey Cupcake!

Hey Cupcake! is my favorite cupcake stand in Austin. The Boy and I make an attempt to visit at least twice a month. Then make up for it with a run --so it evens out. :)

Hey Cupcake!

If you're needing your sweet treat fix, try some of these great cupcake Etsy finds! Cupcake for your library, wall decor, sewing station, work desk, cat, and of course, your next holiday party.

Holiday Picks: Hey Cupcake

a. Cupcakes, SewManyQuiltBooks
b. Cherry Cupcake Print 8x8, BabyChickDesigns
c. Cupcake Lollipops, BakedByJoanna
d. Pincushion, MadeInLowell
e. Sweet Red and Pink Cupcake Boxed Set, DawnCorrespondence
f. Catnippy Cakes, SpellWell
g. Gourmet Cupcake Sampler, SinnersSaintsSweets


  1. OMGOSH!! I love these picks!!! I have been obsessing over cupcakes lately, haha! Thank you so much for including my stationery - I had a craft show over the weekend and that cupcake stationery was my biggest seller!

  2. Amanda, I'm so glad it was your biggest seller! Shows I got some good taste, huh? :)

  3. Hey Jenny!

    Thanks so much for posting our cupcakes. You rock! Seeing all these different cupcakes here, you just can't help but feel good! I WANT that giant cupcake on the top of the Hey Cupcakes building...too cute!

    Thanks again!
    Sinners Saints Sweets

  4. this blog post makes me HAPPY!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  5. Thanks for the sweet feature! Hee hee :) Cupcakes make everyone smile, don't they?

  6. Thanks for having me in your holiday picks! I love the picture you have in this blog. I can't believe I never went to that cupcake place while I lived in Austin. I will have to stop off there on my next visit. Great post and picks. :)

  7. Jenny,

    Thanks for much for including our Cherry Cupcake in your cupcake collage! Love it.

    Baby Chick Designs

  8. Adorable finds today Jenny-Cupcakes "ARE" Happiness!

  9. Adorable and yummy picks... I would like to taste them all!!!

  10. If you are interested I have some cupcake clipart for sale in my Etsy shop: