Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Picks: New Years Glam

*Update 11/22: My treasury made it to Etsy's Front Page! :) Check out the screenshot.

The perfect clutch for your next cocktail party.

Pair it with more glitz and glam for the New Year!

I've also got a treasury to match!

Holiday Picks: New Years Glam
a. Graphic Camellia Cocktail Hat, emilliner
b. vintage BLACK ICE sequin silk blouse, DearGoldenVintage
c. vintage MIDNIGHT SPARKLE glitter pumps, allencompanyinc
d. Fairytale Collection BLACK MUSTACHE Necklace, newyorkcouture
e. 5x7 Darwin - Maltese wearing bow tie, christineedwards
f. Sudden Rain - Framed Original Acrylic Painting, SarahJohnAfana


  1. that dog would be the perfect accessory! i'll take one ;)

  2. Ha! That is EXACTLY the bag I was thinking of when I saw your treasury and commented (before I saw this). Great picks!

  3. Thank you Sweet Jenny for letting my little black dressed girl hang out for New Years! She is ready to party!!

  4. Another stunning selection of items... really great for the end of year party!!!

  5. awww thanks so much for featuring Darwin! Great blog!