Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Picks: The Older Brother

As I was thinking about childhood toys yesterday, I also thought about Christmas presents for my older brother. We grew up very close (like best friends) because we were so close in age (he's 2 years older). So when it came time to finding a roommate after I graduated college, who better to tolerate you than your older brother who you shared a room with as a child.

My Brother and Me

Yep, that's my brother and me. As babies in New Orleans, then getting ready for a friend's wedding, and now in Austin as roommies. I'm actually not that tall in the last picture, I'm wearing 3-4" heels. :) :)

He tolerates my sewing supplies all over the place, hammering at the wee hours of the night, and a shedding pug who jumps and slobbers all over you while you play video games in the living room. And he can eat everything that I cook, and helps with the dishes, too! Awesome, huh? I've trained him well.

When it comes time for Christmas, what do you get your Coffee Addicted - Electrical Engineer - Video Gamer - Triathlete older brother?

Ah, a little bit of everything. :)

Yes ladies, he's single.

a. Handknit Moss Green Toilet Seat Cover, SaintReagansHollow
b. NES Nintendo Soap, Digitalsoaps
c. Bob-omb Crochet Amigurumi, AmigurumiZoo
d. Barcode Coffee Mug, BarcodeArt
e. Single Speed Tee, vital
f. Drinking Glass Beer Bottles, nickpaul


  1. Cool holiday picks! I love the soap!

  2. Oooh~! Thank you for choosing my amigurumi in your picks :)
    So many great Xmas ideas!!

  3. That soap looks "JUST" like a controller-well done!
    I've got one of those older brother things and there is noooooo way I'm livin' with it :) Congrats Jenny-very lucky girl!

  4. You are both so cute, and I am jealous--I always wanted a brother! Love your brother-friendly picks. That toilet seat cover is a hoot.

  5. Um, you guys have good genetics. I think your brother is hot, lol. :runs away:

  6. Donna of saintreaganshollow.etsy.comSunday, December 20, 2009

    What a fun selection! I don't have a brother, but I have a husband who would love that soap! And your bags are gorgeous! Thanks you!