Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday Picks: Vintage Toys

My friends and I had a discussion about all of our childhood toys yesterday at lunch. I remember my brother used my Barbie dolls to fight his Ninja Turtles (and of course my Barbies lost, go figure). Then there were Tinker Toys, Legos, and Lite Brite. And Mr. Potato Head. And his wife, though I didn't have two of the potatoes at the same time; I just bought the pieces for her at a garage sale and interchanged them. Mr. and Mrs. never actually interacted.

And all this reminiscing brought me back to the memories of some of my favorite, more basic toys.

Holiday Picks: Vintage Toys

a. Antique Toy Wagon, PatinaPosh
b. Vintage White Horse Toy, bellalulu
c. Vintage Children's Chalkboard, ArtfulVintage
d. Vintage Bowling Pins, sweetshorn
e. SPIN AROUND. French antique metal top, myredboots
f. Vintage Children's Chair, EmilyLynch
g. Vintage Wooden Alphabet Blocks, marygracethomas


  1. what a beautiful selection of vintage - i love it. and i'm so honoured to have my spinning top included!

  2. You're right...those do bring back such fond memories.

  3. A girl after my own heart ... great selections and I appreciate you featuring the toy wagon from Patina Posh!

  4. What a beautiful blog and assortment of vintage goodness! Thanks for including my chalkboard-I'm excited to be in such great company!

  5. Oh, love all of these picks! I love vintage toy decor.

    Thank you for including the blocks.

  6. Oh how I loved Lite Brite!!!
    Great collection here- thanks for featuring my old rocking horse! :)

  7. Stunning picks... thanks for sharing these lovely creations!!!