Friday, January 8, 2010

Etsy Friday Finds: Recycled Robots

Friday Picks are back for the new year, with an upgraded title! :)

As you know, yesterday was a big day for the Longhorns.  Except we start out a little slow with just 2 field goal kicks. Then Colt McCoy injures his shoulder, and Alabama scores a couple touchdowns. We've got freshman QB Garret Gilbert to lead.  We were a little skeptical (who wouldn't be) -- this is a kid who was born in the 90's and he's only 18 years old, leading the No. 2 college football team. We felt pretty bad that his FIRST football game had to be the National Championship.  It's a lot of pressure.  There were some incomplete passes here and there, but momentum started to pick up after he threw two touchdown passes to Jordan Shipley (who is a god).  Then we get a two-point conversion, leaving the score 21-24. Not bad.  But then, that blindside sack... and the 2-15yd penalties.  It all went downhill from there.

But all-in-all, we're all proud of Gilbert. He did good.  :)
I'm looking forward to a great season from the Longhorns with Gilbert as QB. 

But really, we all kind of wished that McCoy could have come back in the second half with a BIONIC ARM!

Etsy Friday Finds: Recycled Robots

a. ROBO DOLL Handmade Robot Sculpture, gabelanza
b. TIN TYPE ROBOT 55 BIANCA, Reclaim2Fame
c. Motorola Found Object Robot Assemblage Sculpture, Adoptabot
d. Little Goldie Short and Stout Bot, onlyRemnants
e. Miniature Handmade Eco Canbot Robot Figure, sage12888
f. Punk Blocker a robot made from reclaimed wood, WilliamDohman


  1. What a great collection of bots. I especially love the little yellow one.

  2. Thanks for including my little bot. It's a great collection!

  3. The last two minutes were definitely hard to watch. Not a bad game considering all the unfortunate unexpected happenings. Gilbert will be a good QB.

    I will have to say I was disappointed at Alabama's awful display of unsportsmanlike celebration. Tacky!

    Love the robots!