Monday, January 18, 2010

Lessons Learned

Well, this weekend was full of lessons.

1. I got the verdict on my iMac --it's a mechanical failure on my harddrive. 

Fortunately for me, it's an easy fix for me to do by myself for under $50 (compared to a $364 charge if Apple did it without tax. Can we say, car dealership charges?? But the diagnosis was free, so that's good!). Unfortunately, I didn't have any of my files backed up. But I'm not too heartbroken about it as I don't really remember anything super important on my harddrive --I'm not a big sap about pictures and things as everything can be replaced or just forgotten (hah!). Everything important is in my e-mail, somewhere online, or capable of being recreated. As far as my hundreds of dollars of iTunes music, I will compile a case of all my receipts to Apple Customer Service and hopefully I'll be able to redownload all my music without any charge. If not, that will be another blog entry.

If you're curious, I purchased a Seagate 320GB HD from Newegg for $49.99 with free shipping. I also purchased an external HD so I can mirror the two and backup my files. :) These should be arriving in a couple days, so I'm excited to have 24" of beauty back. It's hard to work on such a tiny 15" screen of my brother's laptop (I'm not complaining, Chris! I appreciate your generosity, I'm just saying...). :) :)

2. I finally applied for a business tax ID.
I'm not sure why I never did this before, but I finally did this weekend.

3. I got some new equipment for the shop.

One is a really really great oak table from a thrift store for $40! It's the same dimensions as the table my dad and I built (60"x36"), so it's perfect for cutting fabric and leather! The other table (which I still haven't sanded and finished) will be used for installing hardware and photography because it's located nearest to the window which floods all the sunlight.

The second is an industrial press for installing hardware. That means I won't be disturbing my neighbors with hammering in the middle of the night. Or early in the morning. This also significantly improves the quality and speed in which I can install the hardware on my bags.

New Press in the shop

Lesson #1: Back up your harddrive, otherwise the computer gods will punish you.  
Lesson #2: DIY before paying for services that are easily resolved with little homework. 
Lesson #3: If you plan on running a business, apply for a tax ID so you can save $$$! 
Lesson #4: Thrift before you buy new. You'll be surprised what you can find! 
Lesson #5: Investing in equipment to improve the quality and efficiency in your work is priceless. Actually, it does have a price, and it will show up in your increased profits and customer loyalty. :)


  1. It's great to see the lessons you learned! You learn something new everyday! I've been contemplating filing for a tax id and a license. Was it hard?

  2. Not at all. For Texas, it's just filling out a couple pages of paperwork and pressing submit. Easy peasy. :)