Friday, January 15, 2010

One of 'those' weeks

Have you had one of those weeks where it seems that most things go wrong?

I started the week with a severe allergic reaction to some unknown allergen which left me popping two Benadryls twice-a-day and covering my body in the pink calamine lotion stuff. The Boy said I smelled like a grandma. Gee, thanks. 

It lasted a good two whole days. Wearing anything with elastic made it worse. Cold weather triggered it. Hot showers exacerbated it. Working out was out of the question. And I couldn't focus on working on anything. So I sat around for two days doing administration work for my shop. Boring stuff.

By Wednesday, I was 100% back and I spent the ENTIRE DAY making most of my orders from after the New Year. Did you know I've made 22 sales since the new year? I thought January was the slow month! I'm so excited! This really does mean that I will be able to feel a little less like a "starving artist" and I think I can actually start looking for health insurance. And not to mention I can pay my brother rent at the BEGINNING of the month rather than two months late. Nice, huh? Things are turning around for this little engineer-turned-fashion designer.

Thursday morning I realize I left my computer on all night, and I go to restart it....

I get the Apple white screen to death, with the grey apple and a spinning gear. I try again the boot into Windows and everything works fine, so I don't think it's a hardware issue. I put in the installation disc and try to repair in Disk Utility. Error from the beginning. I try to reinstall the OS and fail at start.

What the eff? 

Keep in mind, this is a 2.5 year old 24" iMac that I paid nearly $3K (it's heavily upgraded). This should NOT be undergoing hardware issues. Granted I run two businesses with this computer (graphic design and making bags), and I haven't backed up my harddisk since... I got it. Oops. Bad. Weird because just two days prior, my brother and I were discussing the importance of backing up your harddisk. Bah.

I'm pretty frustrated for two reasons:

  1. My computer is relatively new, and my boyfriend has this 7-year-old HP desktop replacement laptop that he hasn't properly shut down in 7 years and it still runs smoothly. Ugh. 
  2. I am an engineer and I can't take apart this computer and fix it myself.

I'm such a dedicated fan of Apple. I have an iMac, an iPod video, an iPhone, and I buy all my music on iTunes. And then this happens. I almost feel betrayed. I could have built my own desktop for 1/10th the price, purchased a cheaper smart phone with cheaper services, and shopped elsewhere for music, but Nooooo, I believe in the design and capabilities of Apple and am blindly infatuated with its super simple design and pretty icons. And this week, Apple let me down. Feeling alone. And vulnerable. And naive.

I have an appointment to take my computer to the Apple Geniuses this afternoon, and I'm hoping this will all be resolved and I can patch up the relationship between Apple and me.

The Good News

My parents are coming in today for the weekend and Mom is teaching me how to make Bun Bo Hue (she's a Hue Vietnam native), so I will be photographing that adventure and posting it on my blog after the weekend. :)

I signed up for my first 10K - Cap10K, so I will be starting training on Monday! I bought two pairs of running shoes from SmallEarthVintage's ebay shop. I'm really excited!

I'm getting some fancy new equipment for my shop to improve the quality of my products and the efficiency in which I work. I'll keep you posted on the new stuff!

I'm attending a Pug Crawl on Sunday with Hubert (and dragging my brother, my boyfriend, and my friends along) to Gingerman to meet a bunch of Pugs in Austin!! :) Yes, pictures will be posted!

I'm 3 sales away from my Etsy 400 sales mark! Remember, I went full time with this business on September 1st, and made my 200th sale on September 8th. It's been a great 4 months! :) 

All-in-all, a good week, but ran into some hurdles. I just really want my computer back!

Just 4 more days left to enter the GIVEAWAY!! Hurry hurry!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! :)


  1. Good luck with your computer...I love all things Apple to, but also get frustrated with some of the issues. Like the lack of Iphone coverage....

  2. Good luck, Jenny! Computer issues happen to the best of us (and now I seriously have to knock on wood). One thing I remember loud and clear from my first-year college computer course is the professor saying that not backing up angers the computer gods.

    I am not as dedicated an Apple fan as you, since I own a PC (but I learned my earliest computer skills on an Apple), but I love my iPhone, iPod and iTunes and would be ever so much less productive without them! And that brand power is what swayed me to buy them.

  3. I sure hope you and Apple make up because I am an avid Apple fan too!! Have a GREAT weekend, you deserve it!

  4. Well, I hope everything improves here on out. Good luck on your first Bun Bo Hue. It's so yummy...maybe I should call my mom. :)

  5. Good luck with the computer issues! My laptop crashed but it only needed a new hard I took the opportunity to put in more memory and speed and Windows7. pc is probably on it's last leg, so I just bought an external back up drive, just in case. I highly recommend that you consider it, once you get your Mac back! You're too busy/successful to spend your time fretting over a cantankerous computer!
    Congrats on the sales. Your bags are so cool, it's no wonder!