Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Finds: Shades of Teal

Teal is one of my favorite colors. I love it in all shades and hues --possibly prefer it more on the blue least for today.  Which is why I was SUPER excited when I found this Teal Blue leather!  And it's distressed, too!  *Swoon!*

Although I've made only one Hip Pocket in this beautiful leather, keep an eye out for more designs coming soon. The Baby Ruche may be next because it's my next batch of bags to make and ship by next week! Fortunately, I'm a little ahead of my sewing schedule because I worked a couple hours overtime yesterday to finish all the fabric Travelers that shipped out today.

I haven't had a lot of time to make new bags because of the current queue but no worries, I'll be working overtime in the next few weeks and you'll see a new bag design (that I designed over six months ago) that will be launched, along with new leather colors and fabrics. :)

And now, to the featured picks of the day from some of my favorite Etsy sellers!

Friday Finds: Shades of Teal
a. Vintage 1950s Plaid Skirt, SmallEarthVintage
b. Deepest Depths Original Acrylic Painting, SarahJohnAfana
c. Bird on a Branch Pocket Mirror, PipingHotPapers
d. Deep Teal Seedlings Floursack Towel, MargotBianca 
e. Aqua Marine Clutch, Eclu 
f. Watercolours Bracelet, NancyWallisDesigns


  1. Fabulous picks today - teal happens to be one of my favorite colors as well! I'm super excited to see a variety of creations in your shop out of the new leather!

  2. Great finds, Jenny! Teal is so fresh and wonderful!

  3. I love teal! Thanks so much for including my bracelet in your gorgeous picks!

  4. Wow Jenny, as usual you have found such stylish and beautiful creations to feature. I can't wait to see your new design as well.
    Thanks for giving my abstract work a little play on such a well put together blog-really one of my favorites!

  5. You're so good at this Jenny; you have such a great eye. This is the shade of blue I visualize when I want to feel calm and relaxed. Like Sarah's ocean painting--only still and calm.

  6. Life is short - enjoy teal as much as possible!