Saturday, February 27, 2010

Head to Toe: Band, Bag & Brogues

Notice I'm gettin' a little more creative with my titles. Eh?

This round of Head to Toe styles comes from my love of hair swag. And shoes. Of course.

It's feeling a lot like spring here in Austin despite the ONE DAY of snow.  Really, the snow took us by surprise --just last weekend it was sunny and in the high 70s and all of a sudden, it freezes and snows. Very strange, but the snow was very lovely.

Well, with the coming of spring comes lots of bright sunny colors, ruffly summer dresses, and slow-mo running through fields of wheat and daisies (probably not the same field).  So what better to hold back your hair as you gallop than a pretty head band?  Well, put on your pretty vintage wingtip shoes, lady, and swing one of these bags over your shoulders, because we're getting awfully close to Spring Break season!

Head to Toe: Band, Bag & Brogues
Vintage Rose Headband, IceCreamCandy
Vintage Powder Pink Heels, womyn
Baby Ruche Bag in Blush Pink Leather

Head to Toe: Band, Bag & Brogues
Ethel Yellow Beads Headband, LiveInStyle
Vintage Yellow Brogue Shoes, VintageandMore
Clutch in Maize Yellow Leather

Head to Toe: Band, Bag & Brogues
Modern Ivy Green Circles Headband, InHonorOf
Vintage Forest Green Oxford Pumps, Thrush
Briefcase in Army Green Leather


  1. What a fun display of products! Beautiful pieces! Thanks so much for featuring my headband!

    Love your blog!!!
    <3 Anna

  2. this is so sweet!! lovely blog:) thank you for including my headband:)

  3. Hello fellow Texan,your blog and bags are absolutely wonderful!
    Thank you for featuring my shoes