Saturday, February 20, 2010

Head to Toe: Dress, Boots & Bag

I must say, I'm a boots girl.  Flats are OK. Heels are nice. But boots! I just love boots. It may be the Texan in me, because I have many (many many many) pairs of boots (mainly the cowboy kind). I try to match my clothing around my boots so I can wear them at every opportunity --summer, spring, and fall (we don't have much of a winter here in Austin). :)

Spring is coming, and I can't help but browse Etsy for some pretty little dresses and boots.  As I was window shopping, I thought of an idea; how about I share my shopping experience with you?

Introducing the new series, "Head to Toe" featuring some of my favorite fashion finds paired with a bag from the shop. :)

Head to Toe #1
Vintage PAPERGIRL Black White Shirt Dress, BrownBagVintage
Vintage Black Steampunk Ankle Boots, GenerationGap
Baby Ruche Bag in Black Leather

Head to Toe #2
Vintage 1960s MUSTARD Babydoll Dress, SmallEarthVintage
All Leather White Mexican Cowboy Boots, blissvintage
Hip Pocket in Summer Squash w/ Blossom

Head to Toe #3
Romantic Shades of Grey Lace Dress, lamixx
Vintage Slouchy Suede and Leather Ankle Boots, stephaniebracciano
Clutch in Stone Leather w/ Adjustable Strap (ONLY ONE)


  1. Wonderful idea! Lovely finds!

  2. This is a great series!

    I love the mustard babydoll dress. :)

  3. This is great idea. I love that black boots, I wish I can wear some of those without a problem.^_^

  4. Oh Jenny I share your love of boots. I have had a pair of traditional Dingo black leather cowboy boots for over 20 years (resoled at least once) that are my favorites. I get so excited when boots come back to trend 'cause I know my collection will get to be revived with a new pair of some cool, biker, cowboy, buckled, roper somethin' or other.

  5. Great new feature. I love it and you have some wonderful selections.

  6. Great post and stunnig serie... I'm a boot'addicted too!!!

  7. Boots are the best! I don't have cowboy boots, but here in snowy Michigan, I wear my boots (a cross between a riding boot and a motorcycle boot) for what feels like most of the year. Love the outfits, Jenny!