Monday, February 22, 2010

Skinny Ties, Getting Skinnier

Everywhere I look and read, I see these two trends.  Food Trucks and Skinny Ties.  I'm no food aficionado, so we'll go with the latter.

Yesterday, The Boy and I went shopping and he purchased his second skinny tie, and this little guy was nearly an inch wide.  In another year, I'm pretty sure these will be just a single silk thread. :)

Skinny Ties Back in the Day

You can find them at stores like American Apparel and Neiman Marcus.
Skinny Ties

And on Etsy, too.
Skinny Ties on Etsy
a. from MidMod
b. from Boomboxblitz  
c. from 19VintageClothing 
d. from MooCowHandKnits


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