Friday, February 5, 2010

Valentines Finds: So Many Ways to Say

Olive you. Olive juice. Alligator Fruit. Or just keep it simple. ;)

Valentines Finds: Olive You

a. Felt Food Olive You Valentine, BeckyM
b. Martini Man, dalethomaskrupla
c. Olive Green Flower Chunky Hat, mojospastyle
d. olive you, bigmelittleworld
e. Salvatore Ferragamo Vintage Pumps, BlueRoseRetro
f. VINTAGE Olive Green TOTE Bag Luggage, GetReadySetGO

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  1. My most favorite knock knock joke involves olives!!

  2. I just love the green color in all of these. Fun choices.

    Thanks for including me. : )

  3. well look at all those beauties:) and my green bag is in the mix- EEEEKS! im so honored! thanks so much for the inclusion jenny

  4. Another great collection of finds Jenny! BeckyMs' felt food always makes me smile, and I am LOVING dalethomaskruplas' watercolor paintings-SO FUN!

  5. thanks so much for using my little
    sweet preserves olive you bottle

    i love the colors of everything
    it makes me want olives

    hummmm might hv to go get a jar

    thanks a bunch :0) :0) :0)

  6. Of couse ah-luv your collection...who wouldn't? Thanks so much for including my Ferragamo shoes. I am thrilled!!