Thursday, March 11, 2010

30 Threadless Tees, For Sale

30+ Threadless shirts, for sale

I accumulated quite the collection of Threadless tees during my college years.  I'm ready to let them all go.  At least 30 of them.  Some of them have been worn as many as 8 times, some none at all.  All size small.  I'll be photographing these in the next few days and posting them for sale on a separate blog as first come first serve.  Keep an eye out for the link!


  1. I literally had a conversation with one of my guy friends two days ago about his insane Threadless collection. I recommended that he make a t-shirt quilt out of them since he is refusing to give them away. If you don't manage to sell them all, it's an idea:

  2. LOL! I totally could.

    I thought about cutting them up and making them into something I can wear, but I figure that someone else may want them as is. A lot of them are first-edition prints, so I would feel so bad to ruin them!

    But I shall keep that in mind, hehe. :)

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