Thursday, March 18, 2010

And the winners are...

This could be added to the giveaway, too!

Congratulations to littlegemsbykari and rima329 for winning the March Giveaway! :) I will be contacting you shortly for more information.

I really want to thank everyone for all the tweets, Facebook sharing, and blogging about this giveaway.  We went above and beyond my expectations with the exposure of this giveaway --making a SECOND winner possible! Over 100 followers in 2 weeks! That's amazing! I'm really thankful for all the support and would like to thank all the participants with a little (but really, it's big) gift of appreciation.

Please enjoy 10% off your entire purchase from my shop. Just use the code "MARCHGIVE10" in the message to seller upon checkout and you will receive the refund via PayPal shortly after.

This offer expires on Thursday, March 25th - a week from today!
10% is taken off the listing price (not including shipping).

Looking forward to many more giveaways to come!



  1. congrats to the success of your giveaway.
    wow,this is a great gift for my coming birthday,thanks jenny.
    more power and more giveaways to come.

  2. i'm so excited! thanks for the giveaway :) Hey Rima my birthday is coming up too- maybe it was Karma we won :)

  3. Wow really?? I'm so glad that both winners will enjoy this for their birthdays!! :) :)

  4. that's awesome! congrats on all the new followers! Your work is gorgeous, so I'm not surprised.

    Happy Friday!