Monday, March 15, 2010

Austin Zilker Park 82nd Kite Festival

I'm not sure if you have a Kite Festival in your city, but every year, we go to the Zilker Park Kite Festival and it's always a fun time! The Austin skyline becomes littered with kites. Trees are adorned with lost kites. Festival goers get knocked in the head with kite noses, strangled with kite tails, and tripped by kite strings. It's really a fun experience and always a great bonding experience for young and old alike. :)

Last year we didn't get ANY of our kites to fly. This year proved to be a little different... at least for my brother's Sea Turtle kite. My Penguin kite still didn't fly, so I've given up on it for good. It now resides in one of the Austin City trashcans. RIP Penguin Kite.

Along with kite-flying, The Boy and I enjoyed some fresh fruit Maui Wowi smoothies and a crispy funnel cake (yum!).

5 hours later, I'm very very sunburned. With tank top tan. Applying aloe vera hourly. Loose clothing. Very loose clothing.  Face hurts.


See more photos on my Flickr.

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