Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I finally signed up for Chictopia.  Never got around to it before because I didn't have enough space in my apartment to photograph full-body pictures. But today I decided to do some major furniture moving in the apartment - making it really cramped and un-feng shui-like. My brother will probably kill me when he comes home from work tonight. Oh well. The things I do for fashion. :)

Well, I went on a little online shopping spree and bought the blouse and jeans from Urban Outfitters and these little vintage booties on Etsy because I couldn't find any cute ones at the thrift stores nearby. The top and jeans came in today and I had to try them on and take pictures. :) 

BCG jeans, Silence Noise silk blouse, thrifted booties 
Silence Noise Silk Blouse, BDG Jeans, Vintage Granny Booties
(top right image features The Clutch in Black)


  1. gorgeous boots!! :D welcome to chictopia!! found out about your blog thru it! :D

  2. Thanks!! I'm really excited. Now I find myself shopping more often. Bad bad bad! :)